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Townhome VS Condo Financing

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We get this phone call or email a lot: “We heard that condos can't get regular financing. Is that true?” The short answer is no that is not true. Here is the scoop in todays real estate market. For the purposes of this discussion a detached home and townhome are considered one in the same. The condo is the outlier. An easy way to find out if a unit is a condo vs a townhome is to ask the HOA how the...Continue Reading!

Mortgage Advice About SAVING Money $$$

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Something I recommend to clients to help them save money are to review their mortgage and mortgage related expenses every year. 1. The Mortgage Itself: It never hurts to reach out to your mortgage lender each year just to check in and see where the market is. You may be pleasantly surprised to see a drop in rates that allows a refinance to save you money. There also may be new programs that allow you to drop your PMI if you have...Continue Reading!

Buying A Home Or Refinancing A Mortgage-Lets Help You Prepare!

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What is the toughest part of underwriting today? Sourcing of funds! Regardless of your down payment (3% or 50%) and/or your assets (millions in the bank) this still applies to you. All banks will require at least 30-60 days of bank statements from you. ANY deposits into your accounts outside of normal payroll MUST be sourced. What does sourcing of funds mean? ANY money that comes into any account you own that cannot be tied directly to payroll MUST be sourced. Birthday gift…must be...Continue Reading!